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This unique one of a kind gift ismade from the undercoat of captive bred wolves and wolfdogs, some from Red Gate Farm Rescue, Inc.'s own pack, several of which have long since crossed the bridge!

These items are custom made, shawls are generously sized, either triangle or rectangle (your preference), take 2-3 weeks to complete and will be mailed direct tothe purchaser(or lucky recepient) whichever you prefer. Click here for more details!




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Welcome to Red Gate Farm Rescue, Inc!

We are a 501(c) (3) not-for-profit organization in West Central Alabama.


RGFR, Inc is located in Echola Community near the Tuscaloosa/Pickens County line and is central to Tuscaloosa, Alabama - Columbus, Mississippi. 

RGFR, Inc is not breed or species specific.  We are the only large animal, farm animal horse rescue in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama and it's surrounding areas.

Our mission is to help neglected, abused and abandoned animals in Tuscaloosa & Pickens County, Alabama and via the Internet through a vast network of other responsible owners, rescuers, rescues, sanctuaries and shelters, other animals in need all across the United States. 

Our goal, through intervention and teamwork, is to educate others about responsible pet ownership. 

Many animals that join the RGFR family are nurtured back to health and adopted to responsible, humane permanent homes, some are placed to breed specific rescues while other *special needs* animals will remain in lifelong sanctuary here. 

Our staff is entirely volunteer.   RGFR has no paid staff and there is no membership fee to join.  Our financial support is either paid for out of pocket, comes from fund raisers 

or public contributions.   If you would like to help support our mission, please consider making a tax deductible donation.  Cash donations are always needed, sincerely appreciated and go directly towards the animals needs, feed, veterinary bills and general care. 

Our History

Although Debra Jarrell, RGFR's founder has been rescuing privately for many years, RGFR was established as an Incorporation and received it's non-profit status in spring 2OO8.

RGFR was born out of a specific need in the local community and it's surrounding areas when West Tuscaloosa County became a dropping point and dumping ground for people's unwanted pets & because the neighboring County (Pickens) has no animal control or animal shelter facility.

What We Do:  

We encourage owners to keep their animals and are willing to work with them to do so. We will happy to provide educational materials about responsible ownership, guidance and assistance to owners to help them keep their pets in their homes and out of rescue.

We accept owner turn ins as time, space and finances allow.  Owner's relinquishing their pets will be asked to furnish all veterinary records pertaining to the animal and for a voluntary donation  to rescue in general *if* they are not current on vaccinations and worming.

We accept calls from people who wish to report animal neglect or abuse.  We will   investigate cases of reported animal cruelty to validate the complaint whenever possible, work with the owners to make whatever necessary changes are appropriate to assure the future health & safety of the animals involved or report it to the proper authorities and we will NEVER reveal the callers identity. 

We pick up stray animals as time, space and finances allow.  We will hold and evaluate stray animals for not less than 7 days giving owners ample time to search for and reclaim them.  After 7 days, we will place them up for adoption on our Petfinder site (Petfinder Al 2O8).  Owners reclaiming their animals after the 7 day wait period will be required to reimburse RGFR for any & all expenses incurred for their animal while it is in our care & custody.

We provide appropriate veterinary care to all incoming animals in a timely manner -including spay/neuter, nurture them back to health when necessary and provide basic training (crate, leash & house training).

We place healthy well adjusted animals to good responsible homes and forever owners or to other breed specific rescues.  We require an application, vet/3 personal references, home or barn/pasture check for proper containment, a signed contract and an adopt fee which may vary from animal to animal.

We accept *special needs* animals as time, space & finances allow.  We give them appropriate veterinary care, alter them if medically advisable, nurture them back to health, adopt them to good responsible homes and forever owners,  transfer them to other breed specific rescues when possible or provide them lifelong sanctuary if non-adoptable.

What Don't We Do?

We do not appreciate animal drop offs!  All owners wishing to surrender their animals to RGFR, Inc should contact Debra Jarrell via E mail at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or by phone (205) 333-1365 and fill out the proper paperwork (owner surrender form).  Animals are taken in as time, space and finances allow.  If sufficient resources are not available at the time of drop off, your animal will be turned over to another rescue when possible or may be taken to a kill shelter.  Please do not put us in this position!

We are not a law enforcement agency.   We have absolutely no authority to confiscate animals from private owners however we will be happy to work with any governing agency at their request.  We will conduct evaluations on their behalf, offer foster care services if space is available or assist in any other way possible but the animal shall remain under their jurisdiction until final disposition is determined by a court of law or an agency legally relinquishes ownership and title of the animal to RGFR, at which time it shall become our property and may be placed up for adoption to a new permanent home.

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