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This unique one of a kind gift ismade from the undercoat of captive bred wolves and wolfdogs, some from Red Gate Farm Rescue, Inc.'s own pack, several of which have long since crossed the bridge!

These items are custom made, shawls are generously sized, either triangle or rectangle (your preference), take 2-3 weeks to complete and will be mailed direct tothe purchaser(or lucky recepient) whichever you prefer. Click here for more details!




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Thursday, 21 November 2013 20:58
$PONSORS NEEDED - Red Gate Farm Rescue, Inc. has agreed to and been approved by HSUS to take Fuzzy and Pogo, 2 sibling brother/sister white German Shepherd dogs from the TK9 situation and they will be transported here to the farm. These 2 dogs are survivors from the Apr 27th, 2011 Tuscaloosa tornado in which Pogo lost her leg due to her injuries. If you can help with their vetting and care by donating, it will be greatly appreciated!
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You can now Donate through Petfinder.com! Print
ATTENTION:  Red Gate Farm Rescue, Inc. website visitors, supporters and fellow animal lovers!

You can now donate to Red Gate Farm Rescue, Inc. via the *Sponsor A Pet* program through Petfinder.com.  Just go to:  http://www.petfinder.com/shelters/AL208.html.  Go to your favorite pet profile and click the Sponsor Me button that appears below the photo(s) on your favorite pet profile page(s) and choose the amount you would like to donate.  It's that easy!!!  By clicking on the Sponsor Me button located on the pet profile pages, you can make a donation between $25 and $500 to your organization to help the pets in your care.

The Sponsor A Pet Program encourages Petfinder visitors to help homeless pets by giving them the opportunity to donate when they find a compelling Petfinder pet profile.

Please note! Donations will be collected by the Petfinder Foundation and distributed to the rescue organization once quarterly via a mailed check, minus a 10% administrative fee.  Redgate Farm Rescue receives all of your donation when you donate by check. 
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Sadie Print


Have you ever seen a broken hearted dog?

Debra Jarrell, founder and president of Red Gate Farm Rescue, Inc (RGFR), Gordo, Alabama, laments that she has seen more than she can count.

“But,” said Jarrell, “this dog, – well, she just breaks my heart!” pointing to the thin female Labrador mix she discovered cowering low in the tall wet grass in a field near the Pickens County line in Tuscaloosa, AL. “You’d think I’d get used to it, but it doesn’t get any better,” said Jarrell.

See Sadie's full story here

Sadie is now getting the care and TLC she so desperately needs, but is not out of the woods yet.  She needs careful rehab and round the clock care.  Please consider a donation, no matter how small, to help get Sadie back on her feet and in good health again. Just click the Donate button on this page, and be sure to put Sadie's name in the notes section of  your donation.

Sadie's progress will be monitored and followed both here and on Facebook.  For now on Debra Jarrell's page, until Sadie's page is setup.

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